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Hello friends romhacking Russian.

I'm trying to translate the game for NES DRAGON WARRIOR 2
But I have not edit the game, I can not find how to do .. I saw that ALEX_231 and edit the text in the game, I just want to ask:

ALEX_231 need your help and let me see if I can help, I need this, please.  :(

How did you edit the text?
How did you extract it?
What type of compression used?
The game uses DTE / MTE?
Can you pass the applications you used and the table?

I just want to translate the video game into Spanish, I would greatly appreciate a friend romhack LUKAS Alan and I are in the project.

My email is:
my page is:

I hope I will be grateful Alex_231 answer many friends.


Esta pregunta es necesario dar Aleks_231. Él es muy ocupado ahora. Aleks ahora no el estudiante. Él ha llegado del ejército y ha colocado a trabajar. Hace mucho no lo veíamos.

Pero trataremos de encontrarlo.

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Does anyone have any idea how to edit the game?

Does anyone know how the game?

Does anyone have the entire table of DW2?

Let ideas friends Russia...


Hola! Alan =)
Escribí a Alex por su solicitud, un mensaje SMS ...
Él te responderá tan pronto como sea posible, por lo que la espera =)

(Espero que Google se ha traducido en claro ...)

Отредактировано <GD> (2009-05-23 09:32:39)


Thank you very much, friends, I am really surprised by their hospitality, I hope to tell Alex_231 I need to speak with DW2 and the NES, and hopefully find it soon, If you can spend your MSN or email .. please

Be thankful ... We are in contact ...

If Google translates very well to me your answers.


Here is my materials on Dragon Warrior 2, I hope they will help

Отредактировано Guyver (2009-05-24 03:50:30)


I can not download the material Alex_231...

Send me on my MSN ... Please my friend..


Thank you very much friend Alex_231!

Thank you very much friend, and I could download the material, really thank you very much, as far as I can help you friend I will begin editing the game, thanks man!


Hello Alex_231 write in the forum that I have a doubt ..

I try to insert the characters of my language as they are: á é í ó ú ñ ¿¡
But do not get, what I do is to Edit the source tile layer and then edit the table and then USE YOUR PROGRAM NOW, but the game is damaged and will not let me edit .. How do I edit my characters and insert my language? Do I have to edit the table.txt? Huffman table .. Or I can do?


Yes, you have to edit Table.txt, by replacing not used characters by your own and replacing some strings that not compatible with your language, and also do not forget to insert Table.txt into ROM and try to save a lengths of strings, but if you can't you must edit lengths table (remember that total amount of characters in Table.txt can not be changed, else game crashed).


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